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Since 2017 has now come around, CGMA has been looking to work on self-improvement via recently minted resolutions. For a lot of students, this means becoming a better artist while for others, this means something else entirely. CGMA believes students won’t understand where they’re headed until they’re first reminded of how far they’ve come so it’s only fitting to display some of their student gallery from the last term of 2016.

“As each and every one of our students made their way through curated industry programs, rigorous instruction from top artists, and/or acquiring completely new techniques, we witnessed just how much our students enjoyed our approach to quality instruction. And for us, this has made all the difference”, said Manny Fragelus, Program Director for CGMA.

Environment Design

Fundamentals of Environment Design
Environment Design 1
Intro to Environment Sketching
Environment Design 2
Environment Sketching for Production
Intro to Environment Sketching


Analytical Figure Drawing
Head Drawing and Construction
Animal Drawing

Character Design

Character Design for Film and Games
Creature Design for Film and Games
Costume Design
Fundamentals of Character Design
Storyboarding for Animation
Character Design for Animation
Character Design for Production

Foundation & Design

Dynamic Sketching 1
Dynamic Sketching 2
Fundamentals of Design
Digital Painting
Fundamentals of Architecture Design
Anatomy of Clothing
Art of Color and Light

3D Character Arts Program

Program Page
Elective Classes