It’s imperative that professional artists always improve their skills and continue to grow. This not only benefits them but, more importantly, benefits their employer. It’s a win-win. Over the years, CGMA has seen artists develop new skills and techniques that allow them to further excel at their craft and it’s always amazing to see employers invest in that growth. Employer-Sponsored education is something that some companies offer but most employees are not aware of. Over 35% of CGMA students receive tuition reimbursements from their employers, and it’s estimated that Us companies spend over 160 billion dollars on employee training per year*.

An investment like this not only creates highly valuable employees, but can also provide tax advantages for several companies. All you have to do is start the conversation. Ask your supervisor or HR department if this is something your company offers. They might have a training budget for this, and classes could be paid upfront or with tuition reimbursement. CGMA provides certificates of completion that can aid with this process, and further financial assistance can also be gained through the Animation Guild and our payment plans. Here are some companies that invest in their employee’s growth through CGMA: Walt Disney, Ubisoft, EA, Dreamworks, Riot Games, Blizzard, Gorilla Games, Zinga, Google, Zenimax, Certain Affinity, WMS Games, Creative Assembly, Rareware, Cartoon Network, FOX, Hasbro Games, Marvel Animation, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Sony Pictures, and Warner Brothers —just to name a few.

Should anyone have any questions regarding registration or portfolio review requests, please contact the CGMA Admissions department here: or call by phone at 800-959-0316.