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Save the date and be the first to enroll in your favorite classes and take advantage of CGMA’s four-installment payment optionavailable for the first week of registration.
Courses for the Spring Term 2022 term will open for registration on February 07. The Spring Term offers exciting new features like lifetime access, new courses, and new instructors.

Take courses that align with your specific goals and thrive under the guidance of the world’s most talented artists from Marvel, DreamWorks, Disney, Riot Games, and more.


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Alumni Artwork by: Mayuko Matsubara

This Spring Term, CG Master Academy is excited to announce that it will start offering lifetime access to all purchased CGMA courses. Students can now benefit from all course content, including recorded classes, Q&A sessions, and feedback videos, long after the course ends.

CGMA has always been dedicated to making online digital arts education affordable, relevant, and accessible. From hiring industry-established professionals as instructors to creating over 130 skills-based courses, CGMA’s mission is to remove barriers that prevent creatives from gaining the knowledge and experience they need to thrive in the entertainment industry.

In a move to further that goal, CGMA will start providing lifetime access to purchased course content. Previously, when students finished a course, they’d leave with 1-year access, portfolio-ready pieces, and the knowledge they retained from the instructor.

Now, students can return to helpful lectures or feedback videos whenever they want, so they can continue their artistic training on their own time. This access will extend retroactively to students who purchased courses in all 2021 terms, as well as those who register for future courses.

CGMA enables a fully immersive learning experience online:

– Expert training from industry professionals
– Collaborative virtual classrooms
– Personalized expert feedback- Weekly live Q&A.
– Lifetime access

Master your skills from anywhere in the world.