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Remember couchsurfing? It was big thing a couple of years ago. Well, it’s not dead, and thanks to one of our most engaging students, the CGMA community is now more connected than ever!

Mark, an architect living in Perth, Australia, started taking classes to achieve a more artistic quality in his architectural drawings. Through time, he became very close to the community, creating class groups like Dynamic Sketch Heroes and weekly online hangout sessions to practice and engage on a more personal level with fellow students. He even began going on field trips with friends in Perth to do his homework for Dynamic Sketching on site, but he did not stop there. He decided to take it one step further, and decided to go visit friends wherever they lived.

“Does anyone live in Portugal?” he asked one day online. “I am in Porto if you want to stop by,” answered Ana.

So Mark went to Porto to spend a couple of days in her hometown.


Mark visited Ana in Porto and went sightseeing.

He then went on to stay with Marita in Norway, and then Koyo in Spain, who quickly became one of his closest friends. As Mark says, “These are some of my best friends, friends from school that I am still in touch with regardless of whether I met them in person or online.” Mark recently moved to Los Angeles and is planning to visit Russia, Canada, Texas and Southern India next. “Does anyone live there?”